A Celebration of Water

I haven’t been truly awed by the beauty and mystery of the deep sea lives and the blue shades of waves until recently at the 33rd Annual Otis Scholarship Benefit and Fashion Show “A Celebration of Water”. I was able to view a unique transformation from the Ocean to Fashion: Los Angeles’ Otis [...]

New Year, Your New 'It' Style

As we welcome the advent of a new year, we make a reflection on the happy moments in the past year and what we can improve and embark on for the next year. It is time for a brand new you. I feel fashion is a language. It communicates to whoever you encounter with on that day about your mood, your[...]

Cutest Fashion...Haute Dog Runway Show

This must be the funniest, cutest and most special runway fashion show I have ever been. Not only our models are the most furriest gorgeous, my "model worthy" baby BeBe, an eight year old Papillon debuted his cat walk on the stage as well. HAUTE DOG | LA, a doggie runway fashion show that featured p[...]

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