Avant Garde Magazine Organizes Alchemy & Masquerade Princely Ball: The Deity Spirited Grandiose

7 years ago

Royal families have always been known for their splendid and opulent fashion styling. Whether it is the coronation attire or truly glorious hats and head pieces for formal banquets, their style has been a trend setter. The fusion of royal traditions with the contemporary charm creates a polished look with a flair which is too hard to resist.

Sue Wong Fashion Dustin Quick

Dustin Quick in Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE Magazine CEO/Editor-in-Chief Michelle Long

AVANT GARDE Magazine CEO/Editor-in-Chief Michelle Long

Sue Wong unraveled this power and is known for her Goddess inspired fashion staples which certainly are fit for a queen. To unveil this orthodox meets modern combo, The AVANT GARDE Magazine ALCHEMYY & MASQUERADE PRINCELY BALL in association with renowned fashion envoy Sue Wong, had organized a prolific event at the memorable Artisan Building, Avant Garde Magazine’s main office in Trendy Uptown Whittier to laud Princely Royal family SCHAUMBURG-LIPPE.

Sue Wong

The event was a major success because of an exclusive idea behind coordinating the elegance and sensuality into its Halloween theme ‘Marie Antoinette meets Phantom of the Opera’  along with airing the most contemporary, flattering and outstanding fashion trends by the House of Sue Wong. Along with Sue, the dignitary designer Rocky Gathercole, Betty Long and Oksanna also exhibited their statement fashion staples.

The dignitaries who graced the evening with their presence included H.H. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe, H.H. Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe and H.H. Prince Waldemar Schaumburg-Lippe:

Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe Family

The event was officially inaugurated by H.H. Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe with a 1920’s style based dance performance on Duke Ellington/C Jam Blues allegorical music:


Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe

The models showed off Sue Wong creations which were a piece of art to be admired. The stunning and elaborate creations of the designer added life to her models:

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

AVANT GARDE- Sue Wong Fashion

The event was a perfect blend of art, tradition, fashion and monarchical elegance. Famous personalities, artisan, vocalists and fashionistas, were all present with the best of their art and it was a mesmerizing and captivating sight to watch.

The night was magical and filled with mysterious colors of Halloween which were readily evident in the costumes of the attendees. Ladies were all dressed in extravagant gowns accessorized with ornate head pieces and faces covered with masks, which gave them all enigmatic and seductive gaze. Nothing beats the sensual yet captivating allure of the masquerade ball and this event was the mother of all events.

Marie Antoinette meets Phantom of the Opera

AVANT GARDE- Halloween

halloween masquerade ball

The gentlemen looked absolutely dapper in their tuxedos and masks:

Elle Ellis It Girl Styles

Elle Ellis, Creative Director of It Girl Styles

The evening was a star studded event and the cameras never stopped flashing. The celebrities included pop opera sensation Michael Peer, the Grammy success record composer Omar Akram, the Oscar Winner superstar Margaret O’ Brien, the esteemed President for Southern California Motion Picture council and the former Hollywood star Randal Malone, the dignified Lord John Michael Capaldi, the ever notorious fashion coordinator Parris Harris, the revered founder and CEO Sonia Ete fron Academy of Couture Art and many others.

The designers and their protégés would have been hard pressed to miss out on an event as dynamic and enchanting as this one thus top models and designers were spotted in the high profile event including designer Oksanna Romanov and her models wearing beautiful creations by her including painted bridal dresses which were fit for a Picasso painting, designer Gordana Gehlhausen, designer Betty Long, Haute Couture designer Pol’ Atteu from Pol’ Atteu Haute Couture of Beverly Hills.


Performers who gave their lifetime performances in the event include Opera icon Nick Palance, Blake Fullmer, Model come Actress Dustin Quick and international star Maria Elena Infantino.

Avant Garde Halloween Ball

All the dignitaries, artists and guests thoroughly enjoyed the event and reckoned it as one of its kind. Alongside full-fledged entertainment, they can also availed the chance of receiving free testers from the iconic designer SUE WONG fragrance.

As a matter of fact, words are not enough to reveal the fascination, glamour and allure that this extravagant event actually wrapped in it. It was fun, entertainment and above all the unification of fashion, art and royal endowment. The crowd loved it and expressed their desire for the event to be held ritually with the same magic and charisma.

Photos by Nelson Shen & Francois Palais!

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