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It Girl Styles hand select and bring unique, trendy and jet setter styled designer fashion to our Gen 3.0 It Girls. Our philosophy is to be bold, colorful and exotic. It Girl Styles’ high fashion, name and emerging designer brand pieces from all over the world are all about pattern, color, culture and architecture styles. Yet it is still feminine and sexy – this is the ‘It Girl Essence’ of the brand.

We don’t just provide great products. Service, styling and inspiration are all part of what defines It Girl Styles. Please contact our customer service at any time should you have any questions. And remember, you deserve ‘It’. We create and inspire It Girls every day.

What is It Girl 3.0 © -


Modern It Girls are revamping the media space: they socialize and set stage on the digital platforms. Generation ‘It Girl 3.0©’ doesn’t have to be rich or a socialite. Any grass root girl who dares to show off and utilize the digital weapons can join the most grandeur fashion high end parties, become a trendy, sensational It Girl and start new revolutions!! She is tasteful, stylish yet cultured, sexy and modern.

It Girl Styles inspires every day girl to become that special and irresistible woman. From Fashion, luxury, beauty to art and society, there is footprint for Gen 3.0 It Girl. At this moment, I want you to turn up your feminine power and create your own unique presence in the It Girl 3.0© era.

The journey begins now…