Tribal and Desert Mystery

8 years ago

Tribes, deserts…always fascinate me. The primitive and ancient times bring lots of mystery and imagination. I still remember the desert safari and camel ride in Sahari Desert when visiting Dubai, UAE 3 years ago. After snatching this Diesel leather dress and a tribal jacket (which you will see on a future blog post), I will check out more desert and aztec print outfits to weird up-do myself :)

I had the pleasure to work with a traveling photographer from Canada this time, Milton Photography’s Justine Milton. This is a tough shoot. Venice has strong wind that Sunday and I couldn’t stand still. So excuse my frowns, I am fighting with the nature’s force.

I can’t be more excited about the exotic Diesel leather dress. Some of you might know, I always appreciate uniqueness and designs over the brand name itself. The Kitson flip flop I bought 4 years ago for a birthday Jamaica trip has exceeded my expectation: not only it is still an eye candy till this day, it doesn’t show sign of wear at all – I am still feeling proud and motivated every single time wearing it after so many years. This made me believe in always investing in quality name brand goods, it will turn out better for the long run. A non quality piece, no matter how trendy and stylish it ‘appears’, you will soon get bored out of it as it quickly lose its initial charm and shape. And trust me, Wildfox is wildly popular and hot right now! The deer head with antler ring is a miniature art living on my finger.

Tell me your fascination and stories with desert and tribes.

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Diesel Leather Dress
Kitson Flip Flop
Wildfox Deer Head Ring

(Photos by Justine Milton from Milton Photography)

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