Lush Bel Air Garden Walk

8 years ago

I have put on some bright colors and summer tones for this lush and vivid Bel Air garden walk: cute purple dress, yellow flats, fuschia satchel, and a large straw hat.

The 5 acres garden is enchanted with beautiful landscaping of assorted styles and colors. Tiers of flowers, fruit hanging trees, cactus, orchards and greenery excite the eyes and lighten up your feelings and moods.

Even being more of a culture person, I am still captivated by the beauty of the Bel Air hills. You know next, I am planning to plant some flowers in my place (I call it Ellemonde). I do have an indoor area accessible with ladders that is meant for that :) Will tell you later once that is completed, assuming this will add more femininity to a girl’s place.






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