New Year, Your New ‘It’ Style

7 years ago

As we welcome the advent of a new year, we make a reflection on the happy moments in the past year and what we can improve and embark on for the next year. It is time for a brand new you.

I feel fashion is a language. It communicates to whoever you encounter with on that day about your mood, your culture pursue and personality traits. The articles you wear go viral as people will react differently based on how you presented your appearance. They change how you feel about yourself as well.

Karl Lagerfeld also says:”Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothing to interpret reality”.

Start with your personal style, your important visual presentation and communication to the world. When you put thought into what you wear to pass a certain message to the public, you instantly taste the gratification. If you non-verbally tell others you are a happy person, they will be affected by your emotion, and smile to you genuinely as well or carry a pleasant conversation with you. Who knows, you might have just brightened up their day :) It starts great cycles of interactions.

Identify your ‘very IT’ factor. What is your style persona? Marie Claire offers a street style quiz to help you find that out. Then you can take the advice on what you are proud of and maybe what you can improve from there -

“Forget “you are what you eat.” You are what you wear! Find out what your everyday style says about you and your fashion sensibilities.”. Click here to take the quiz: Marie Claire Street Style Quiz 

If you want to make a transition to another style personality, well congratulation on the new change! An exciting life involves open yourself up for challenges and new opportunities. I am so glad to see you take the first step for building a fresh new you. You can then start following fashion trends targeted to what you like and gradually update your wardrobe. This applies to those of you who’d like to improve your image or keep the momentum going.

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Have a blast new year! See you again soon ~













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