K-Pop Style: A Tale of Black and White

8 years ago

I remembered one time wearing a dark brown leather jacket, white top (also tied a loose butterfly at my neck using a long back ribbon) and a brown wool plaid short (a rhinestones belt tied with one end not going into the buckle but pointing down) to a restaurant. Someone came up and ask if I am some K-Pop star. I have no interest in pursuing entertainment or music for myself; fashion and business are my buzz words. But at least I get the sense of how to look like a real life K-Pop star: black, white, leather, cool and cute.

I really like this cute white crop top (hey trendy now) with two strategically placed sequin hearts. And the flare black leather skirt adds to the cute & cool factor score (CCFS) as well. I had some playful moment with it twisting my butt to let the skirt swirl.







Don’t you remember to always match with your girl friend when going out! :)

photo 1

Motel Bonnie Top with Sequin Hearts
Pixie Market Lover Zip Flare Skirt

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