Dare Looking into the Evil Eye?

8 years ago

Artistic Evil Eye Dress at Art Gallery Opening – The evil eye furor is still trending. Religiously, the evil eyes protect you from misfortune. The eyes are however great patterns to wear: it gets you lots of attention; plus you could say “I do have eyes watching on my back” :)

I think this is a decent look to wear at a gallery opening event, it is artistic and proper. A few paintings happen to have green colors and it matches my dress perfectly for photoshooting.

Evil eye

And the other day, I was watching “Billing Cunningman New York”. The New York Times’ “On the Street” Columnist Bill says: ”Everybody here looks so boring. Everybody looks alike. See, a lot of people have taste. But they don’t have the daring to be creative. Here we are in an age of the cookie-cutter sameness. There are few that are rarities. Someone that doesn’t look like they were stamped out of ten million other people looking all the same.”

It touches upon me as over the years, even knowing without a doubt I favor bright colors, prints/patterns and unique themes, sometimes I’d compromise to fit in the neutral color mainstream like a norm. Doing fashion gives me an excuse to break that curse and boldly express myself.

Will you dare to be bold, be different?


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