Celebrity Designer Michael Costello Stunned the Audience at Style Fashion Week LA

8 years ago

Michael Costello is a bright shining point for the shadowed LA fashion week. The audience, astonished, wowed for Costello’s elegant and stunning design arts.  Models with big hair are gorgeous in his marvelous gowns mainly featured in five colors: the classic black and white, vivid red, beige and burgundy.

One hair tip I learned from Costello: layered ombre. Models at the show have dark root, transiently shift to brown and then blonde at the tips. The effect is amazing. If you are ever concerned about it being over fancy, go for it! Life is too short to shun beauty and be boring. It will never over compliment yourself.

Costello has garnered much more reputation as the designer for Beyonce’s sheer lace gown at Grammy Awards 2014 -

Michael Costello Beyonce Grammy 2014 Gown MT Costello fall/winter 2014 ready-to-wear and Michael Costello Couture collections fashion show -


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Photos by Nelson Shen

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